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The Italian Festival on Deerfield Beach 2023
Exhibitor Rules & Application

The Italian Festival on Deerfield Beach 2023

Exhibitor Rules & Application

We appreciate your interest in the Italian Festival on Deerfield Beach

Dates: October 21, 2023

Location: Wyndham Beach Resort®

Deerfield Beach, FL

Festival Hours: Saturday 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm (setup by 9:00 am);

This contract is between the Exhibitor applicant and the Italian Festival on Deerfield Beach.

• The IFDB must receive the signed contract and photos of items to be sold before your application can be processed. You can only sell or display items in the photos you submit.

• The deadline for the application (Including payment and photo of the display) is October 1, 2023.

• Exhibitor spaces are 10' in frontage and 10' in depth. Every tent is weighted. With 1 Table and two chairs

• Vendor fees for all three days are as follows:

One Booth $200.00

Two Booths $400.00

You must provide your own tent

• Full payment must be received upon receipt of the approval email. Any exhibitor not accepted will be notified by email. Fees are non-refundable once the IFDB accepts a vendor.

• Online Checks or Money orders payable to Il Circolo, Inc. is the only form of payment accepted.

• Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. We require a description of everything you will be selling, a detailed photo of your items, and the setup display. You may not sell items other than those approved in advance. Images will not be returned. If approved, a letter of acceptance will be issued to inform you of the approval. Fees will not be due until you receive your notice of acceptance. All exhibitors will be subject to the same rules and regulations.

Vendor Rules and Regulations

Failing to comply with this Agreement's terms and the Rules and Regulations shall constitute a default and subject you to immediate expulsion from the Festival, plus damages for any losses sustained by the Italian Festival on Deerfield Beach. If the default is not immediately corrected after verbal notice.

• Each vendor must be ready by midnight on Saturday. Exhibitors must commit to 1 day and hours of operation. No subletting or reassignment of your space. All booths must be staffed during hours of Festival operation.

• Equipment and booth teardown may only occur after 10:00 pm on Saturday, and everything must be removed by 11:00 pm. No exhibitor vehicles will be permitted on the festival grounds until Saturday after 8:00 pm. You are responsible for cleaning your space, including removing trash and debris. All trash must be placed in dumpsters.

• Limited 110v electricity is available. You must request electrical service in advance and bring your own 100' extension cord. Generators are not permitted.

• Weather is unpredictable and can present challenges for vendors and guests. Please note that weather conditions will not give cause or justification for your absence or departure. Fees will not be refunded due to inclement weather. Any decisions regarding the closure of the IFDB will be at the sole discretion of the IFDB.

• The exhibitor's entire display must fit within the assigned space. No exhibitor may extend past the approved designated area as determined by IFDB. Your location will be marked. Please do not plan on placing any racks, displays, or products outside of your space. Anything placed in aisles will be grounds for removal from the Festival.

• Any attempt to sell unapproved items will not be tolerated. The Festival reserves the right to close and/or remove exhibitors with serious violations or lack of professionalism. In addition, we reserve the right to cancel or eject any disruptive or fraudulent exhibitors without refunds.

• This contract is not assignable or transferable. Only businesses, groups, or organizations listed on the application can operate or advertise from the festival location.

• Fire prevention requires all tents to be labeled fire retardant and/or fire resistant. All other tents will be deemed unapproved, and you will be required to remove your tent. In addition, all exhibitors must furnish their own fire extinguishers that must be visible during the fire inspection.

• No alcoholic beverages of any type shall be permitted.

• IFFAU tee shirts are not allowed to be sold. Italian Festival on Deerfield Beach is the only entity allowed to sell Tee Shirts depicting the Italian Festival on Deerfield Beach.

• Music should be kept reasonably and not heard beyond the booth. IFDB will determine if action is warranted if there are complaints about the volume. If a violation occurs, a verbal warning will be issued. A second violation will result in a $25 fine. Any further offenses may result in additional fines and the removal of music from the booth.

• No form of gambling will be allowed. In addition, no illegal activities will be allowed.

• Public bathroom facilities are provided on the festival grounds. No other facilities will be allowed.

• The undersigned hereby releases and forever discharges its employees and agents, Italian Festival on Deerfield Beach, and all volunteers putting on the Festival (hereafter called Parties), from any liability of any kind for any loss or damage to personal property during participation in the Italian Festival on Deerfield Beach l and agrees to hold harmless, defend and indemnify the Frog Leg Festival, Inc. against all claims, losses, damages or liability of any kind, including costs and attorney's fees arising out of participation in the Frog Leg Festival. Any litigation arising from this Agreement shall be in Palm Beach County, Florida, and decided on Florida Law.


1 All fire extinguishers must be properly tagged by a certifying agency licensed

within the State of Florida.

Compressed gas tanks, such as helium tanks used for filling balloons, need to be In a stand or secured In a manner to prevent the tank from falling over.


All tents larger than 10'x10' require a building permit through the City of Deerfield Beach Building Department. 954-480-4250

All tents and canopies must be made of fire-resistant materials. Documentation or proper tags must be provided.

All stages and canopies are required to have a tagged, certified fire extinguisher

In plain view with proper signage.


All extension cords must be UL-listed for outdoor use, and when crossing a path of travel, they must be properly covered and protected.

Extension cords must be free from splices, damage, or deterioration. Extension cords must have the proper amperage capacity that Is not less than the capacity of the appliance. Indoor extension cords may not be used for outdoor use.

Generators and extension cords must be grounded.

Generators larger than 5 kilowatts (5,000 watts) must have a permit through the City of Deerfield Beach Building Department. 954-480-4250

Generators must be a minimum of 10ft away from structures (Including tents). Generators must be completely surrounded by a barrier to separate them from event patrons.

Generators must be placed on a firm, flat, and level surface outdoors.

Generators must be fully fueled prior to use. Refueling will be conducted only when the generator is off and cool to the touch.

Fuel being used In the generators must be in proper fuel containers and properly

sealed with appropriate spout covers, caps, etc.

A minimum 2A:10BC fire extinguisher must be placed near the generator. The extinguisher must be tagged by a State of Florida licensed fire extinguisher company.


Concession stands used for cooking need a minimum of 10ft. -of clearance on two sides and shall not be located within 10ft. of amusement rides.

Open flame cooking equipment must be a minimum of 10 ft. from any structure. Fire Extinguisher types required:

Gas BBQ. Grills- minimum 2A:10BC

Wood or Charcoal Grills-water extinguisher

Deep fat frying- K Class extinguisher

Cooking areas must be separated from the general public by fencing, enclosure, or other approved means.

LP tanks used for appliances are required to be tested and certified by a licensed person or company permitted to work on LP systems. The equipment Is to be checked In place on the day of the event, and paperwork will be provided to the Fire Department Fire Marshal's Bureau when completed.

LP tanks are to be placed in a crate or stable container or secured to a solid

object to prevent them from falling over.

LP tanks are to be located 10ft. from any open flame cooking devices.

If using a commercial cooking appliance that is self-contained and does not require the LP tank to be located 10ft away, documentation must be submitted to the Fire Department, Fire Marshal's Bureau for review prior to the event.

All cooking appliances must be placed on a firm, flat, and level surface outdoors. Food preparation & sale (excluding non-profit agencies) must contact the Florida Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation, Division of Hotels and Restaurants to schedule an Inspection prior to selling food. 850-487-1395

Fire suppression systems In food trucks or trailers must be properly tagged by a certifying agency licensed within the State of Florida.

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